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Axis Power Hetalia

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Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Hansip on Wed Sep 08, 2010 12:01 am

Sapa yang tau anime ini.. gw fans berat neh ama ni anime
walaupun ada sedikit yaoi-nye... wlwlwkw hahawhawha

rilisnya tahun 2009 lalu seh..
sekarang udah masuk season III... gw baru selesai nonton season II nya... lum download yang season III .. uhuhuh
Kalo boleh dibilang.. ini ceritanya bener2 pendek per episodenya... hanya dengan durasi sekitar 5 menit saja... heuhueheuheh :x

Neh... sedikit gambaran tentang character2nya
North Italy "Feliciano Vargas, Veneziano, Ita-chan":

A bit of a crybaby and a spoiled child who is always expressing his love everywhere. Loves pasta and pizza and cheese.
Germany "Ludwig":

A nation of battle-hardened knights who survived poverty and the turmoil of war under the shadows of Europe's glorious culture.
Japan "Kiku Honda":

A small country that appeared in the latter half of the world's history and didn't take more than several decades to become a powerful country in the orient.
America "Alfred F. Jones, United States":

He sometimes being mistaken for Canada, because of his similar appearance with Canada. Loves to eat hamburgers.
France "Francis Bonnefoy":

Was once a large nation in Europe that had the continent within the palm of his hand.
United Kingdom "England, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Arthur Kirkland":

Was once a subordinate of France, but after taking the top half of France's land and getting violent with him, it's spoiled their relationship and now they're fighting buddies.
China "Yao Wong":

A nation that possesses a long history, a large territory, and the roots of Asian culture. The current image is China = pandas, but at one time they were handled mostly by Europe and America as an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal).
Russia "Ivan Braginski":

A gigantic northern nation that has been tormented ever since childhood. His two sisters are Belarus and Ukraine. He also basically controls the Baltic Nation of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Is the type who loves art, music, and the food culture of his own country. He gives priority to his hobbies rather than to work. He isn't a good fighter and is often saved by Hungary.
Canada "Matthew Williams":

He hates being mistaken for America, so he tries to show the appeal for Canada in various ways, but when he is forced to fight he is rather vicious.

Kalo yang dibawah ini character supportingnya.... yang ga seperti main character yang lebih banyak muncul di anime ini...

Estonia "Eduard von Bock":
Sweden "Berwald Oxenstierna, Su-san":

A long time ago, had actually fought with Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Denmark and possessed territory in Livonia, Estonia, and Karelia. Was called "The Conqueror of the Baltic Sea," but it fell as the times passed by.
Spain "Antonio Fernandez Carriedo":

A kingdom in southern Europe raised by the sun, bountiful nature, and the warm climate.
Used to be a super power nation that traveled around the world with its merchant ships--but was then tormented by England, beat up upon by a much younger America, and engulfed in poverty and war ever since he was stripped of his status as a super nation.

A beautiful island floating in the Indian Ocean that is often called “The Last Paradise”.
Hungary "Elizabeta Héderváry":

She has been fighting with Turkey for 150 years. Because other nations aren't really nice to her, she loves Austria because he was a bit kinder to her. The Monarchy of Austria-Hungary had a compromise that said they would support each other in a fight...And she`s helped him several times.
Finland "Tino Väinämöinen":

The country where Santa lives, is full of nature, and is known for the aurora.
Lithuania "Taurys Laurinaitis, Liet":
South Italy "Lovino Vargas, Romano":

Strongest nation in the world with a long history (the rest will be omitted) to being absolutely clumsy. Honestly hates Germany and France.
Holy Roman Empire:

The aftereffect of Germania-san. He seems pretty strong, but he has a weak constitution.

The younger "Italy". He wore dresses, aprons, and bandanas; giving him a lolita appearance, appealing to shota fanservice.
Poland "Feliks Łukasiewicz":

Was a super nation that controlled Middle and Eastern Europe with his partner Lithuania during the Middle Ages.
Belarus "Natalia Arlovskaya, Natasha":

Russia's younger sister, who wishes to marry him someday (though he fears her).
Hong Kong:

A recently returned, previous English colony.

Russia's older sister. She is the oldest of the three siblings and is constantly getting recklessly dragged into some sort of mess.

He doesn’t get along with America, but with Canada he’s pretty friendly.
Prussia "Gilbert Beilschmidt, Gilbo, Ore-sama":

He represents the east of Germany. Germany is his brother and calls Germany “West”. Also, he hates Russia.
Egypt "Gupta Muhammad Hassan":
Sealand "Peter Kirkland":

The miracle tiniest nation (still unrecognized) that was an aftereffect of England’s out in the ocean and became a country at some point.
Greece "Heracles Karpusi":

The source of the ancient Greek civilization.
Switzerland "Vash Zwingli":
Turkey "Sadik Adnan":

He doesn’t get along with Greece at all, and his competitive nature makes him always compete in stuff.
Roma Antiqua:

The lively supreme ruler of the Mediterranean Sea. He has a lot of stupid grandchildren. N. Italy and S.Italy are his grandchildren.

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Black Cat on Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:56 am

tiap episode 5 menit aja? ini mah seperti Happy Tree Friend... :D
Andri toleran terhadap yaoi ya...
Black Cat

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by valmar on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:16 am

kasihan kamu yuki.... hentai forbidden ahahhahhaha

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by ShinoTheNeko on Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:21 am

Wew ...
Dri, kalo da balik ke khuntien kabarin yah ...
Aku da siapin HDD untuk menampung semua anime yang ada ...
Hehe ...

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Hansip on Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:06 am

ShinoTheNeko wrote:Wew ...
Dri, kalo da balik ke khuntien kabarin yah ...
Aku da siapin HDD untuk menampung semua anime yang ada ...
Hehe ...

hoohohoh... ok dech.. tapi gw skrg jarang download anime.. paling2 cuma K-ON!! ama Hetare aja.. wkkwkw..
lagi searching anime2.. tapi ga ada yg bagus >.<

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Sephiroth on Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:23 pm

HOT-D cup bagus koq po, sayang manganye dilisensi,, leecher pada teriak2 manganye tada lanjut... xamayon ngdrop.. suram dah...

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Administrator on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:03 am

Sephiroth wrote:HOT-D cup bagus koq po, sayang manganye dilisensi,, leecher pada teriak2 manganye tada lanjut... xamayon ngdrop.. suram dah...

wkwkkww.. itu laaaa... mangkenye semua pada lari ke anime nyaa...
tapi neh anime emang cukup bagus buat buang stress.. apalagi anime paling tadak nyambung yaa yang ini laaa... (tetapi ada seh nyambung2nyee ... tapi tiap kali nonton lupa soalnye karakternya tuh bejibun.. jadi musti nonton balek ... kwkwkw)...
gww suka liat Chibitalia... kwkwkkw... kononnya di Axis Power.. Italia sering jadi korban bullying.. kwkwkkw ... apalagi si N.Italy.. slalu buat bendera putih.. (kasian gw liat Doitsu, Jerman.... )

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Re: Axis Power Hetalia

Post by Sponsored content

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